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1.  The name of this organization shall be the Upper Canada Military Re-enactment Society, hereafter referred to as UCMRS.


2.  The primary purpose of the UCMRS shall be to portray life in a military environment during the War of 1812.


3.  The unit, organized by the UCMRS, will run along Military guidelines of the period utilizing a set of standing orders written by the commanding officer and will represent the 1st Battalion of the 1st Regiment of Foot (The Royal Scots).


4.  The commanding officer shall be responsible for the military unit, make all promotions and write the standing orders.  The commanding officer may be removed from command only upon a 2/3rds majority vote in favour of such action.

5.  A Council of Representatives shall be comprised of the commanding officer, military advisor and civilian advisor. The Council will prepare and submit a budget annually for approval by a simple majority of the members present at the AGM.  Extraordinary expenses over $500 will require unanimous approval of all Council members. 

6. The military advisor shall be elected from the ranks other than the commanding officer.  The civilian advisor shall be elected from the camp followers.  Elections of council positions will occur yearly.  The member receiving the majority of votes cast will be elected.  Elected members will serve for a one year period and there is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve. There may be no more than one member on the Council from each household/family.


7.  UCMRS membership shall be open to any and all interested persons but must be approved by the Council of Representatives.


8.  All members agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times and in all situations, obey the orders of the officers and NCO’s, and abide by the orders as written by the commanding officer and the decisions of the Council of Representatives.


9.   Volunteer  members will be appointed to unique (eg., treasurer) and/or Committee   positions,  as  needed,  by  the  Council  of  Representatives. Positions  will  be  appointed  yearly,  serving  for  a specified time and purpose, within the calendar year.


10.  Dues will be required by all members to cover unit insurance and other unit expenses.  Dues must be paid on or before the 1st of January each year.  Dues will be set and approved by the membership.


11.  Meetings will be held informally as needed.

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